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Backup of Lightning Labs’ lightning-app on Android.

Recently, Lightning Labs’ mobile wallets had another security feature enabled: Static channel backups. It’s quite hidden, though, and still only backs up to the phone itself. With some help and extra apps, it can be made to a full-fledged, periodic off-phone backup, though.   Enabling backups. After funding the wallet – or after upgrading to […]

A dystopian story from the year 2135.

“Grandpa, what is that large black building?”, said Tim. “Oh, that’s where our crypto is created”. “Oh, you mean Bitcoin?” “No, Tim. It’s not Bitcoin. Bitcoin is something else,  but it’s not government sanctioned. But hush. The government doesn’t really want us to talk about it”. “But Grandpa, why did someone create a copy of our Bitcoin? I mean, […]

Securing a Woocommerce site with Lightning (and other Bitcoin) payments.

1. Don’t run the webserver on your Lightning Node I use the woocommerce plugin towards a lightning node that is running on another server. Between the webserver and the Lightning Node there is a firewall, making sure only the ports the webserver needs to be able to generate payment requests is open. 2. Make sure […]