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A dystopian story from the year 2135.

“Grandpa, what is that large black building?”, said Tim. “Oh, that’s where our crypto is created”. “Oh, you mean Bitcoin?” “No, Tim. It’s not Bitcoin. Bitcoin is something else,  but it’s not government sanctioned. But hush. The government doesn’t really want us to talk about it”. “But Grandpa, why did someone create a copy of our Bitcoin? I mean, […]

Lightning Network – analogies that works, that have been used, and limitations of the analogies.

There has been a lot said of what Lightning Network is similar to. Some of the analogies are wrong, some of them are partly right. I’ll try to break down a few of them here, and where they fail. Lightning Network is IOUs This is partly right. But what is an IOU? It’s a paper […]